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      Welcome to Motorbase

      Motorbase is one of the most popular classic car and car enthusiast websites on the web. Over the last 16 years we have tirelessly built a rich encyclopedia of makes and models of cars and have over 7,000 vehicle profiles and 100,000 car pictures. Give it a go, just type the name of the car you are interested in into the search box above.

      Top News

      Time to choose the car of the year

      Shelby Cobra_2

      Voting is now open for the 2014 International Historic Motoring Awards’ Car of the Year.

      Classic car specialists back London show

      TV chef and London Classic Car Show curator James Martin will be bringing his passion for food and great cars to the London Classic Car Show.

      Plans to put the UK capital at the centre of the global classic car map gather momentum as leading dealers sign up for the event of 2015

      Historic Royal route for veteran car run

      VCR in London 2 (1)

      For only the second time in more than half a century, hundreds of veteran cars will start this year’s annual 60-mile adventure from London to Brighton by driving down The Mall, London’s ‘Red Carpet Drive’.

      Silver Anniversary spectacular in 2015

      The start of the race

      As tradition dictates next summer’s spectacular Silverstone Classic will be held at Britain’s premier race circuit over the final weekend in July.

      National Austin 7 Rally Set To Deliver Commercial Theme


      The 52nd National Rally of pre-war Austin 7 motor cars, organised by the 750 Motor Club, takes place at the home of the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu in Hampshire, on Sunday 6th July.

      Sixty Exceptional Cars To Tell The Story Of The Automobile At The 2014 Concours Of Elegance

      801063_1896 Lutzmann

      This year’s Concours of Elegance – being held at Hampton Court Palace from 5 to 7 September – promises 60 of the world’s most exceptional, rare and desirable motor cars forming the main Concours entries.



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