A Royal Safari 1930 and the 21/60 Wolseley Messenger

This book describes fully the part played by 7 twentyone sixty horsepower Wolseley Messenger cars in a safari undertaken by the Prince of Wales in 1930 in East Africa.? They covered 30,000 car miles and needed two fan belts replacing, by way of maintenance….

“My rather was responsible for the transport for the safari, being then employed by Wolseley Motors.?? The book includes a 59 page report by my father on the behaviour of the cars and the safari itself, many of the photographs that he took and many of the documents from 1929 and 1930 relating to the organisation of the whole affair from start to finish”? C.G. Sayer.


The Safari Report? – by H. S. Sayer including 36 photographs.? Much of this is about the performance of the cars.

A Diary of the Safari –? compiled by C. G. Sayer while preparing the book.

Maps – prepared by C. G. Sayer.

Documentation – about 50 original documents.

Before the Safari – Procuring the cars and preparing them

The Safari – the First Phase, the Second Phase, the Third Phase.

After the Safari – Bringing the cars back to Kenya from the Sudan and administration details.

Available from www.bookbase.co.uk for £12.50 + £2.00 P & P

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